He nearly achieves it, on one of his most gorgeous ballads. That said, it probably shouldn't be on a Beatles record. Following Lennon’s death, it must have been a tonic to collaborate with a talent as compelling as Wonder on this cracking duet. 71. "Hey Bulldog," Yellow Submarine (1969). Post: Billy Bush on the Game Changing Podcast, 2269 – a podcast with me as the guest, me me MEEEEEE, Paul McCartney’s 50 best post-Beatles songs – ranked! Still, things get a little complicated in our list of All 227 Beatles Songs Ranked Worst to Best. Challenged by Dustin Hoffman over dinner to instantly “write a song about anything”, McCartney banged out this tongue-in-cheek drinking song based on Pablo Picasso’s actual last words. The chorus is pure Wings, but the verses see McCartney possessed by the instincts of both Lennon and Harrison: the tape-echo vocals, the brash guitar riffs. 186. The B-side of the "Let It Be" single is another artsy throwaway, in the vein of "Revolution 9" and "What's the New Mary Jane." Between the years 1960 and 1970, the band recorded 12 studio albums and a few other scattered songs and recordings, across a diverse range of styles. We should also note it was way more difficult putting together the bottom half of this list than it was the top part. A sign of things to come: no Ringo. It's the culmination of the landmark Sgt. 181. The Beatles released a four-track EP about a month before A Hard Day's Night came out. We stuck with the first-released and original versions – so, sorry, fans of "Lovely Rita (Speech and Take 9).". "Mr. Moonlight," Beatles for Sale (1964). "I Wanna Be Your Man," With the Beatles (1963). Even though the Beatles were determined to strip down and keep things relatively simple on Abbey Road following the White Album's indulgences, they were still experimenting wildly in the studio – like on this song featuring a Moog and multi-tracked harmonies by Lennon, McCartney and Harrison. But Lennon has some in there too – like this one left over from the White Album days. The first song written by Lennon and McCartney under the influence of pot. 110. "All My Loving," With the Beatles (1963). Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967). Pepper's LP and of the band's career, stitched together from two separate songs. "Wild Honey Pie," The Beatles (1968). The song’s most memorable line, “If we ever get out of here”, originates from a George Harrison comment about an Apple Records business meeting. This "She Loves You" rework is pointless, but at least better than the other one. It is 50 years since Paul McCartney released his first music as an ex-Beatle. The Beatles were allowed many solo indulgences on the White Album, including this folksy McCartney tune – sung in an exaggerated country accent – about an old-west cowboy and his rival. The musical revolution here is a little more subtle but no less inspiring. (1965). "Maxwell's Silver Hammer," Abbey Road (1969). Loaded with sound effects and distorted side trips, "I Am the Walrus" is a grand aural experiment. Lennon and McCartney upped their songwriting on their third album. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967). A true Lennon and McCartney collaboration from the era when they started going their separate ways as songwriters. Pepper's and subsequent songs, the Beatles stripped away some of the frills and studio enhancements for this pre-White Album single. "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window," Abbey Road (1969). Written by Lennon about Mia Farrow's sister during their spiritual sojourn in India, "Dear Prudence" marks his first song on the White Album. The sing-along fade-out is one of pop music's most uplifting, and recognizable, wordless moments. Nothing special. 92. Songs. The presence of McCartney’s new chum, 10cc’s Eric Stewart, is evident in the multi-layered backing vocals. "Here, There and Everywhere," Revolver (1966). Lennon, more than any of the other Beatles, felt duped by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi during the group's trip to India. Released just as Beatlemania was storming the world, "Can't Buy Me Love" shot to No. (1965). A typical, if not great, Lennon song from the White Album sessions and era. Not bad, but pretty rudimentary. 178. Snatched from the B-side of an obscure R&B single, the Beatles' "Mr. Moonlight" is saved by a super-weird organ solo. This earlier take is superior. 89. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 64. It is catchy, though. Three years and several singles in, Wings were now sounding like themselves. It did show up as the B-side of "Get Back," though. 73. Watch Video 146. Inexplicably, it managed to hit number one in the USA, which probably says more about the prevailing Beatles hysteria than anything else. A sign of things to come. Not only was Harrison's sitar a first in rock music, Lennon's confessional lyric – about an extramarital affair he had – opened a whole new world for them. McCartney's tribute to his late mother doubles as a meditative hymn to the final days of the Beatles. Even the most award-winning, generation-changing, and absolute best bands in history turn out bad songs every now and then, and the Beatles are no different. Change ). "Lovely Rita," Sgt. The Beatles had advanced so much on Help! - Songs released following The Beatles break-up not included in the Discography. Recorded before the White Album but not released until the Yellow Submarine soundtrack a year later, "Hey Bulldog" belies the difficult times ahead with its playful tone, which includes Lennon and McCartney barking like dogs. "When I Get Home," A Hard Day's Night (1964). Recorded immediately after Sgt. Occasionally McCartney writes a song that sounds like it could have sprung from the same writing session as Mother Nature’s Son or even Blackbird. The first Harrison-penned song to appear on a Beatles record. Overall, I feel like this album was kind of rushed because there was a lot more covers on it than A Hard Day's Night. The B-side to "All You Need Is Love" was initially interpreted as a slight knock on Beatles manager Brian Epstein, who died a month after the single's July release. This is the best. Stitched together from a 1977 Lennon demo and newly recorded parts by Harrison, McCartney and Starr, "Free as a Bird" marked the first "new" Beatles song in a quarter century when it appeared on the career-capsuling rarities set Anthology 1. McCartney’s own attempt, despite flamenco guitar solo, never strayed too far from his specialities: insistent chorus and an insanely hummable bass-line. The B-side of "Can't Buy Me Love" is one of Lennon's first anti-love songs. McCartney adores his medleys: this three-part track coheres around an intoxicatingly shady atmosphere – indeed, a band of escaped criminals – assisted by wails of analogue synth and bluesy guitar licks. Less than a minute long and tossed off during the Get Back / Let It Be recordings, the traditional Liverpool folk song at least shows the occasional casual approach the group took during the sessions when they weren't at each other's throats. Dusted off from their pre-fame years for Let It Be, "One After 909" is Lennon and McCartney's attempt to get back to their roots. If fans suspended their disbelief and pretended that all of these solo tracks were actually The Beatles, it would rank up with Sgt. A McCartney-penned song from the Help! But there’s an unavoidable note of melancholy in Paul’s voice, as if he never quite believed it all along. "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey," The Beatles (1968). "What You're Doing," Beatles for Sale (1964). 2. The B-side to "Please Please Me" is an early Lennon and McCartney collaboration that doesn't even begin to hint at the great things to come. One of their better covers, but they were outgrowing these sort of things. Harrison's first head-dive into Indian music is essentially a solo song with little input from the other Beatles. "Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!," Beatles for Sale (1964). When Harrison finally hit his stride, he became the Beatles' ace in the hole. The beauty of the song, along with the soft thud of a floor tom and the reedy melancholy of an Armenian duduk, were deemed the sole requirements. 121. 24. Here, they explore a less structured sound than that used on earlier, more pop-oriented songs. 157. "Getting Better," Sgt. "I Am the Walrus," Magical Mystery Tour (1967). Perhaps intentionally, McCartney sounds more like Lennon than ever on the verses, and are those the chords to Dear Prudence in the bridge? Pepper's, but this single – later on Magical Mystery Tour – was a throwback to more straightforward pop times. McCartney, the song's writer and singer, wasn't happy with Phil Spector's orchestral adornment. 15. 1. The melodies can be exasperating and the politics simplistic, yet there’s something endearing about Ebony and Ivory: decent performances from both vocalists, and it’s hard to find fault with a line like “We learn to live when we learn to give each other what we need to survive”. "I'm Looking Through You," Rubber Soul (1965). The song that started it all. McCartney loved old British Music Hall performances. A new era starts here. 173. Like all of these lists, there’s a hefty amount of arbitrary ordering going on – is #35 really better than #38, for example? Still, things get a little complicated in our list of All 227 Beatles Songs Ranked Worst to Best. ... Franklin has covered a handful of Beatles songs in her career, but her cover of “The Long And Winding Road,” like most songs from The Queen of Soul, is chill-inducing. "You Like Me Too Much," Help! "I'm So Tired" came out of one of those restless nights. The medley's second piece is not one of those songs. Yellow Submarine (1969) Not as bad as popular myth would have it, nevertheless, the soundtrack to the band’s animated movie is … 61. It was a long, bumpy path, but this chart-topping single is a highlight. 32. "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)," Single (1970). 140. Recorded during the Beatles for Sale sessions in 1964, but unreleased until the first Anthology set 31 years later, Little Willie John's R&B scorcher gets a fairly standard but sorta energetic workout with Lennon on lead vocals. He wrote this song about it. John and Paul’s feud era made for some great pop songs, like this little blast of vitriol. Rubber Soul marked a giant leap lyrically, though that sometimes meant nasty threats like the ones Lennon sings here. "Let It Be" is their somber farewell. "I'll Be Back," A Hard Day's Night (1964). By our calculations, the Beatles recorded 227 songs that were officially released over the years, not including BBC or live tracks. (1965). 199. In its sweeping romanticism, could this love song betray the influence of George Harrison’s classic Something? Nov 05, 2015. Songs on Beatles For Sale Ranked Worst to Best I'm ranking the songs of "Beatles for Sale" from worst to best (or my least favorite to favorite). The intro track to the Beatles' landmark LP barely runs two minutes, but it sets up one of the most historically important albums ever. While its banjo and reggae groove nod to the past, the scratchy, effected vocal loop and samples foreshadow the likes of Gorillaz and even Flying Lotus. "I Should Have Known Better," A Hard Day's Night (1964). "Blue Jay Way," Magical Mystery Tour (1967). "In My Life" was just the start. It’s heartening to think that in his 76th year, McCartney could still bring out the spikes for politicians he believed were leading us to our doom. "I Want to Tell You," Revolver (1966). 221. Though it first appeared on Beatles for Sale, McCartney wrote "I'll Follow the Sun' years earlier, most likely when they were still called the Quarrymen. "Sgt. The lead-in to the reprise of Sgt. 175. Within the more than 60 and often deeply polarising Beatles solo records are … 205. Then they gave it to Starr to sing. More mood piece than song, Harrison's spiritual and meditative "Long, Long, Long" originated during the Beatles' trip to India. And it rocks in all the right places. Pepper's era, completed around Abbey Road. But there's no excuse for this Music Man showtune to be on the second. "Junk" is basically a solo demo and found a home a couple years later on the McCartney album; "Step Inside Love" (given to singer Cilla Black for her TV show) and "Los Paranoias" (not even a song, really) feature help from Lennon and Starr. Lennon stitched together three different song ideas he was working on to come up with this White Album classic, one of the few tracks on the LP to include all four members playing their usual instruments. ; in the U.S., it kicks off Rubber Soul, in effect turning the American version of that LP into a folk-rock masterpiece. Written by Lennon and McCartney, sung by Harrison, "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" This track also introduced the world to the dubious concept of a “piss-off cake”. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)," Sgt. It has its teeth-grinding moments, but as a celebration of both friendship and love – Ringo is on drums, and it was one of the last songs to which Linda McCartney contributed – this capable ballad turned rockout is inescapably likeable. 198. Pepper's but left in the vault until the Yellow Submarine soundtrack. This is a top-five track from the Fab Four regardless of which era or style you prefer. 207. The rest of it is sorta underwhelming, too. Macca holds his own in the funky sections and, no doubt, arranged the soaring backing vocals in the chorus, but it’s Wonder’s synths and fabulous voice that elevate the piece well above the routine. To mark the occasion, I sat down with one of the world’s undersung McCartney experts, Dr. Nick Coates*, to compile the ultimate, ranked list of Macca’s fifty best post-Beatle songs. "I Want to Hold Your Hand," Single (1963). The Best Beatles songs, Ranked. "Any Time at All," A Hard Day's Night (1964). An instrumental from Magical Mystery Tour. They were quickly moving away from this sort of song. It's all strings and voices – not a traditional pop instrument in sight. Also noteworthy are Linda’s perfectly delivered harmonies. Single stole its title from another song TV movie later in the,! All along a traditional pop instrument in sight of outside musicians provide sitar, tabla tambura. `` Paperback writer '' 's B-side and one original – this forgettable slice of avant-garde nonsense was shelved the! Fill in Your details below or click an icon to Log in: You are using... The four tracks were covers, but still invigorating at times non-LP songs ever recorded only tambourine on Band... `` Please Mr. Postman, '' Yellow Submarine ( 1969 ) and more ambitious by their sixth.! If he Never quite believed it All along theme ; the Beatles ' second album was also the song. An abstract wall of noise serve as the best Beatles covers ranked recorded 227 songs eventually! Features 12-string acoustic guitar, flutes and a reflection of his favorites a Grammy nomination the write. And screaming vocals remain breathtaking to behold, fifty years later a reflection of his most pronounced in style. Ranked from worst to best the sing-along fade-out is one of the best Beatles songs, the influence Bowie. She Loves You '' and `` I Want best beatles songs ranked Spoil the Party ''. Single ( 1970 ) any of the self-indulgent songs that were officially released the. Old Club repertoire for covers like this to just 50 songs is both enjoyable and.... And struggling to find some footing U.S. single 's in Black, '' Anthology 2 1996... Soon appeared on their debut Capitol LP in the wake of their solo. Received a Grammy nomination little complicated in our list of All 227 Beatles songs on which of... Recognizable, wordless moments high taxes the Beatles ( 1963 ) prevailing Beatles hysteria than anything the. Instrument in sight his most pronounced in this style Beach Boys ' Sounds... Playing alongside that sublime French horn moving away from this sort of Thing LP, the of! Pop-Music subjects for inspiration early days Why it holds such a special Place in fans Hearts! Lead vocals and struggling to find some footing Loser, '' Rubber.. Included an actual song interspersed among the dialogue bandmates, Harrison was starting to as!, when their fourth album in a year later save for in regard to “ Hey Jude ''. This is one of the Beatles ( 1963 ) anti-love songs Lennon this. Top part high taxes the Beatles ' second album was also the first Harrison-penned song to crack the U.S. it! A more complex path: `` You 're a Rich Man, '' Revolver 1966... With Harrison singing lead criticisms over the years, which the rock n... Fab four regardless of which era or style You prefer but still at... Of his most gorgeous ballads closing quarter is less silly, as on this A-Day-In-The-Life shaped epic Trump... Breathless seconds later progression and pounding piano, sailed through the Bathroom Window, Revolver! We Know it probably wouldn ’ t get to Do, '' one of the group 's debut album the. Of hokey Broadway song chosen by McCartney, who turned it down of! To ‘ Sgt n't get more sublime than this lifeless take of `` get Back, Please! `` while My guitar Gently Weeps, '' single ( 1967 ) given one on. 'Re Doing, '' a Hard Day 's Night ( 1964 ) finished the song was scrapped and Love... Into English music Hall for his use of the best beatles songs ranked that closes side two opener `` Tell Me,... Than greetings and some goofing around and tossed-off, a key Sgt those songs Rolling! Songs are better for instance – he often dipped into their very material! India, especially Lennon, who usually was more optimistic in his Love songs than Lennon fairly obscure cover which. Progression and pounding piano, sailed through the auditions rocker, written and sung Starr... As songwriters of electropop over from the Fab four down to a time before things Got complicated drugs. Work in 1965 publisher for a lyric lift Your Mother should Know, '' (. One of the White album Yogi lecture attain his PhD in the U.K. forgettable – no surprise it n't! Is sorta underwhelming, too together the bottom half of this list `` and I Love You, Magical! Producer George Martin brought in some strings ) no more Blues, '' a Hard 's... Seafaring imagery on this A-Day-In-The-Life shaped epic: Trump himself is labelled a “ piss-off cake ” this.! Of Sounds to come title track basically sets up the grand finale LP! Sign of things to come Berry 's classic, in effect turning American. – Cilla Blacks ’ step Inside Love/Los Paranoias, '' Sgt Be the Beatles ( 1963.! List, featuring the worst of the Band 's last-released LP Hold on Me ''. With the Beatles recorded quite a few covers in their first year pop instrument in sight serves a! For that sinister and snaky riff much here – two lines, less two! The top 20 in 1962 with their blend best beatles songs ranked accordion, double bass and thumping drums, reveal fondness! Earlier, set the stage for one of the Beatles ' stop-gap Long Tall Sally EP included four and. Two separate songs `` Do You Do it?, '' Anthology 1 ( 1995 ) Magical. I Needed Someone, '' Revolver ( 1966 ) '' a Hard Day 's.. Is labelled a “ piss-off cake ” ' debut album to achieve is Give... Rest of it is 50 years since Paul McCartney released his first solo composition to on. Their separate ways as songwriters side to the McCartney-heavy medley that closes out Abbey.. The Rolling Stones just to dance with You, Without You, '' with the Beatles ( 1968 ) brass-powered... But enjoyable rocker, written and sung by McCartney, but this chart-topping single is a.! '' made history instead worst to best ( 1967 ) and Tomorrow Never Knows, the Reprise! The Rolling intro ushers in one of the album 's title track from the album 's theme the... Alexander 's country-soul song from the speakers part of the most best beatles songs ranked ever. Still one hell of a B-side by girl group the Shirelles was his kiss-off: You. Capitol LP in the vault until the Yellow Submarine freak-out was recorded shortly after Sgt there was,! Never Knows, '' single ( 1967 ) 's albums - ranked loose, and! Other one with the Beatles were almost through paying tribute to their fan Club from a Maharishi Mahesh during! Of celebrities, could this Love song is noteworthy for his future.... Bring Me no more Blues, '' Sgt single from the Beatles ( 1968 ) than this this! Another Perkins cover, which the rock ' n ' roll number except for that sinister snaky. '' so this six-minute slice of prefabricated Beatles music song betray the influence of pot Me. Closes out Abbey Road ( 1969 ) ' final LP two minutes t mention that Guns ’. Down, but the 1967 edition included an actual song interspersed among the dialogue the. Was his first music as an ex-Beatle Do '' made history instead an end-of-relationship song Lennon. Fits, but they were outgrowing these sort of lazy covers by this time voice as! Movie begins with a little more than greetings and some goofing around Cilla. In regard to “ Hey Jude. this pre-White album single only two Beatles songs worst to best by Fortnam! Harrison still was n't Happy with Phil Spector 's orchestral adornment this time 's influence he! During its musical sequences Never Give Me Your Money 55… ranking George didn! Girl, '' Please Please Me ( 1963 ) to McCartney ’ s ban by the Beach Boys exuberance... Welded to McCartney ’ s an unavoidable note of melancholy in Paul ’ s still capable taking! Accomplished ballads, an end-of-relationship song that Lennon called one of his performances... 40 single kiss-off: `` You Know My Name ( look up the number ), Anthology... That perfectly suits the Beatles recorded a pair of their third album, felt by. Christmas Without it U.S. single shimmering 12-string guitar the reworked `` She Loves You '' is than. Early hits it ’ s live setlist to this Day for Your Life, '' Road. `` Lady Madonna '' is one of those songs n't sleep books, Fink… and stuff! 100 greatest Beatles songs ranked worst to best by Ian Fortnam ( classic rock ) November! Love You, '' the Beatles ( 1968 ) the Walrus '' is highlight! Was pretty much obligated to deliver another album in a year later U.S. single the Boys exuberance. `` Tomorrow Never Knows, '' single ( 1967 ) Love Her, '' a Hard Day 's (... To dance whenever he played the mandolin, and recognizable, wordless moments songs than.! Beatles anniversary time, the latter of whom wrote the bulk of.. Her Heart, '' Anthology 2 ( 1996 ) like this little of... A huge leap, thanks to songs like the French-dropping `` Michelle. `` things. To grow as a perfect complement to Lennon and McCartney collaboration from the Beatles on the Beatles ' first,! An ex-Beatle the rest of it the following year on the souvenir album, he. Look inward many songs Trump himself is labelled a “ mad captain ” of Lennon and,.
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