Clicking on the quest details reveals the correct target situations [8]. ... SSKNETWORKS- EPX MIXED 11 ! WARNING: Extra Citizen will appear for ONLY 2 minutes. =============================================== ****B. Reward: Exp 80000, Attribute 5 Notes: Head.B U-ground mobs: Animal Trainer, Multilock, Poison Multilock, Slicer, Poison Slicer, Twin head fire dog, 3-headed dog etc. {Collect the clues of password by going clockwise around HeadB.50F}, oARoooo @ small square grey lobby along the bottom row (16,11)(? The system message indicates that Hue is in the “Trade Zone”. >Consider it done. Quest drop rate is low, just be patient. In-Store Pickup. The entrance to B3 (18,22) is @ the far end corner of B2. they take longer to kill. ?—-Stage 2 Blood Robber——[N-PracticingYard]———–Aggressive-ExtraStage A|B|C|S ? Can’t get the Physics Teacher to talk to you to confirm the shouting? How come I can’t use the rewarded Oblivion Potion?! E.g. Confirm the safety of the Residents to Cleaner [TH] >Found out the result. ), Reward: Janaohu Ganil {Ring lvl:193 atk:5~5 def:5 acc:5 eva:2 res:5 pow/vit/int/dex(+5) Non-drop, Non-trade, Restricted to inventory}, Reward: Stat Point 9 Notes: Quest name {leading space}, Reward: Iron Fist Ganil {Ring lvl:197 atk:10~10 def:7 acc:7 eva:7 res:5 pow/vit/int/dex(+10) Non-drop, Non-trade, Restricted to inventory}, Reward: Exp 134756765 {+5% @ lvl 197, +4% @ lvl 198}. Meet Weapon Expert {Weapon Shop Owner} [MH] >Pass the withdrawal weapons. 11–107–Leo B1: Ali; TH|CP: Hunk Baldie, Golf Player, Golf Bomber, ———Fiery Aunty, Wrestle Master 12–117–Wharf; Leo B2; Leo B3: All mobs (except White Lady/DAM); ———Prison; MH; T3Passage; S2 13–127–B3: White Lady; RH: Nightmare Clown, Bakulaw 14–147–RH(end): Haring Braso, Pretty Veyah; PTZ; S3; HB 15–157–RH(end): Haring Braso, Pretty Veyah; PTZ; S3; HB 16–167–RH(end): Haring Braso, Pretty Veyah; PTZ; S3; HB 15–160–Cube Map 17–167– 50F: Red/Black Rose; S3 20–175–!!-NONE-!! Armors & Costumes ——B. Only Ranks 1, 4(MP&PX;) & 9 have two quests each for the original classes. Notes: Prereq quest changed from “Issue the Order Books” EP 7 Gunner Patch(? Why don’t you have a separate table of Campus quests for each school? )*** =============================================== Quests available after Episode 6-3 are marked w/ (6) in the Quest Details section. Scroll Names by Rank/Spiritual Spheres ———1. New Quest Helper Skill Quests Tips, Reward: Leonine Elite Uniform(Cloth) {lvl:56 def:12 res:10 def(+1) int(+4) MP RR:0.06%}, Leonine Elite Uniform(Pants) {lvl:56 def:11 res:10 def(+1) int(+4) MP RR:0.06%}, Leonine Elite Uniform(Shoes) {lvl:56 def:8 dex:2 res:5 def(+1) int(+2) MP RR:0.05%} Trigger: Campus Event IV Notes: Can be worn by any class & school. {Pass the Medication(? The reward is definitely some Exp, not a fixed level, so your rewarded % will vary according to your level. Within the Campus Quests ——G. Useful only when worn. i.e. Reward: Attribute 5, Life Point 1, Bread [10] Trigger: Clean the Dormitory Notes: After the initial quest, attributes will only be added if the starting value is negative. Report back to Monisha >Give the materials to Monisha. This guide is incomplete! >Give her Lucian’s Command Book. myRosso reward is Emer.Locker Link Card (7D)(? Players can opt to kill the spawned mobs for a chance to get dropped refines & gold. You are not registered / logged in. The confirmation of the test result w/ New Quest Helper w/in 60 min >Confirm Eliminate Boss – Sanitizer Master. ?—-Stage 2 Guard Captain—–[N-PracticingYard]———–Aggressive-ExtraStage A|B|C|S ?? Notes: Repeatable quests: from Sir Er “A letter for Yun’s leader” = Recardos Pearl; from Yun “Deliver Benu’s Letter” = Soul Fragment. {No.4 Freezing Warehouse & No.5 Wharf}, Defeat 10 Violent Baldies. Notes: SG Requirement note in-game added EP 7 v 928(?). -1 will become +4; 0 and above will remain the same. Finding Technical Teacher [Respective Hole] >Request for Bus’ Spare Parts, Deliver Component to Bus Driver [Respective Hole] >Passing the Spare Parts| Present the Spare Parts|, Visit the Construction Supervisor [Respective Hole] >Bus Driver’s Request, Finding the Technical Teacher [Respective Hole] >Request for Generator’s Spare Parts, Searching for the Generator Parts [1] from Marionette |Cement Fatty {Construction Site}|Fatty Bom-Bom, Delivering the Generator Parts to Construction Supervisor [Respective Hole] >Pass the Spare Parts|, Recycling the Empty Bottles [20] from Chicken & Stray Dog, Delivering the Empty Bottles to Cleaner [MP] >Delivering the Recycled Trash, Recycling the Empty Bottles [20] from Sanitizer, Delivering the Empty Bottles to Cleaner [PX] >Delivering Recycled Trash(? )|Request to Pass through the Main Gate Notes: Duplicate quest for new chars just after EP 3 patch <>. =============================================== **************A. To get the broom, select “Return Broom”. Can view information on Breath of Life {Refresh} Skill from the Information Room terminal, Reward: Exp 100, Life Point 5, Skill Point 1 Trigger: The Principal’s Examination(? Reward: Exp 30000, Can ENTER Trading Hole {Commercial Area Entrance} WARNING: Can ENTER SG HolePassage ONLY DURING this quest. Notes: No SG quest equivalent, Reward: Skill Point 2 Trigger: {Want to earn more Skill Points?} BUGGED, 10 items required, stuck at 8 (the quest limit). Tough luck, mamaw. =============================================== *F. QUESTS WHICH MAY BE INADVERTENTLY SKIPPED** ===============================================. {No.5 Wharf} [Wharf/HO]. Club Death Match (CDM) [S][Electric][+10](7D) armors, ORDERED START->FINISH QUESTS FOR POPULAR REWARDS, D. +7 Spatial Rosary from AngBeeLan @ lvl 132, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can Enter HO_1F, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can Enter HO_2F, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can Enter HO_3F, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can talk w/ AngBeeLan, E. Buy Damala Potion from Siu Er @ lvl 100, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can ENTER Root Hole<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can ENTER Head.B 1F @ lvl 190<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can ENTER Head.B 30F, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can ENTER Head.B 50F, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can ENTER Head.B 90F, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can ENTER Head.B U-ground<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can ENTER Director Room<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can ENTER Another World S, A. REPEATABLE QUESTS & MISCELLANEOUS TASKS, B. MISCELLANEOUS TASKS/EVENTS WITH REWARDS, [Prison]—-(57,21)-SHOP–[SAVE]-S to T3 Passage, [MH]——–(93,13)-SHOP–[SAVE]-S to TH portal, [RH]——–(79,13)-SHOP–[SAVE]-S to MH portal, [HB 90F]—-(36,20)-SHOP–[SAVE]-E near 50F portal, A. Destiny box mobs: – Aunty (Any Hole) Closest Bus Station / Taxi Station: – MP Hole: No.2 Twin City / Construction Supervisor – PX Hole: 4th Industrial Zone / Technical Teacher(Phoenix) – SG Hole: No.3 Construction Site / Construction Supervisor Special Note: Obasan & Sanitizer Master spawn in the same general area, ** 10. I’ve retained most of the correct common map names, & enclosed the alternate location (usually found in the mini-map) w/in {}. Where are the quests for the Extreme Class? Searching for the Drugs Package {medicine kit} [10] from Head Nurse, Delivering the Drugs Package to Nurse [Leo] @ Leo 1F; Approach (6,3), Recovering the Book {Special Influence Games Programming} [1] from !Hodel! Reward: Gold 1000 Trigger: Bus Driver’s 2nd Request Notes: Old quest name “Bus Driver’s 2nd Request”. Exp 2800 replaced Exp 2400, Gold 5000 replaced Training Gloves {B} {lvl:23 def:3} & Special Stick {Club lvl:22 atk:9~42 atk dis:5 acc:25 eva:-2}, Reward: Newbie 20lv Box {High Class Support Potion [25/100] HP+MP+SP Recovery:30%}, Reward: Skill Point 2 Trigger: {Want to earn more Skill Points?} Zheng Armors ——C. Reward: Exp 5000, 5 Spiritual Spheres Trigger: (? ), oARAooU @ Library Administration Room (6,12)(? >Confirm * Announce the result to Ami; Talk w/ Ami [N-PracticingYard] when she spawns. Credits ——C. Reward: Skill Point 3 Trigger: Starting Battle Abilities Verification I, > Prereq: lvl 164 From: autoquest or Police [RH], Reward: Exp 20000 Trigger: Ask fires accident >Start ‘collect fireworks’, Reward: Skill Point 4 Trigger: Starting Battle Abilities Verification II, > Prereq: lvl 165 From: autoquest or College Representative [Market]. Shammy Leggings & Hunter Skirt renamed to Pants(?). >I want to get one. Destiny box mobs: – Blood Hunter (Any Hole) – Car Engineer (MP|PX Hole) Closest Bus Station / Taxi Station: – MP Hole: Lake Water Store Street / Technical Teacher(MP) – PX Hole: Timber Zone / Technical Teacher(Phoenix) – SG Hole: No.4 Construction Site|No.3 Construction Site / Technical Teacher(SG)|Construction Supervisor. ?—Jeian———————[SC,CC]———(Area Boss)–Aggressive-Shammy ?? Reward: Exp 20000, Gold 2000, Life Point 5, Skill Point 1, Dark Ring [Lvl:30] {def(+2) vit(+3)} Trigger: Accept order (Currency Notes Verification) Notes: Use the Bus Stop @ the Market (or CRC) & access the Campuses thru the buggies For MP students, this was autogenerated after “The Physics Teacher’s Test” <>. Fixed bugs: Obtain the Special Broom, Gunner FFA; Gunner armors added to CDM; blank items are also unknown, for verification, = For PX students, regardless of class unless noted, = For Archers, regardless of school unless noted, = For Brawlers, regardless of school unless noted, = For Shamans, regardless of school unless noted, = For Swordsmen, regardless of school unless noted, = For the new Gunner/Science class, regardless of school unless noted (this guide currently has minimal support for this class), = Female characters, regardless of school & class unless noted, = Male characters, regardless of school & class unless noted, etc… I still use top/right/bottom/left tho. Mob List. ), Delivering the Recovered Things to the Police [TH] >Pass Goods from Mad Dog(? All Quest Levels below are for completion (not acquisition) levels. Box Contents|Item Equivalents VII—****Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)**** ——1. New Quest Helper Skill Quests Tips, | (+)Purifying Study Classroom Center 1 Prereq: lvl 7 From: autoquest or Study Classroom Center 2 (94,50)|1 (55,19) Terminal, Terminal >Confirm PurificationReward: Exp 800, Gold 2000, 1 Spiritual Sphere Trigger: Study Classroom Center 2 Purification|Study Classroom Center 1 Purification(?) Promise of Love Box (F) contains Promise of Love [F] (15D) {atk dis:1 atk(+15) def(+15) HP(+100) HP+MP+SP RR:0.25%} Promise of Love Box (M) contains Promise of Love [M] (15D) {atk dis:1 atk(+15) def(+15) HP(+100) HP+MP+SP RR:0.25%}, ***b. Dragon Boat Event {CONCLUDED} [[06/10/2008 – 10/15/2008]], – (*)Catch the Chonggie <> Prereq: lvl 1 From: Yuan [Market] (30,13) * Catch the Chonggie Soldier [100] from Fate Boxes * Tell the result to Yuan Reward: Cutie Tiny Hamper [15D] Trigger: Start ‘Catch The Chonggie’ Notes: Chonggie Solider also drops Dumpling [15D] (HP+SP+MP Recovery 50) Cutie Tiny Hamper [15D] possible contents: Upgraded Support Potion [10/100]|Beida’s Ring [15D]|Burr|Special Cracker A|Sorrow Tiger [7D]|Synthesizer Upgrade Set. Armor description: Leonine high school student uniform. ——3. Terminal >Confirm PurificationReward: Exp 4000, Copper Ring {acc(+1) def(+1)}, Majestic Dagger {lvl:26 atk:17~31 atk dis:3 acc:12 eva:12} Trigger: Student Center 1 Purification| News Center Purification|Science Center Purification(?) You canNOT go back to the map once this quest is COMPLETED. Lvl—Quest Name—————–Reward —————————————————————– autoquest 28—Reach Level 30————-Oblivion Potion (20pt) {Level:30~50}, Grocer [Market] 1—-The Modest Student———Elite Uniform(Cloth,Pants,Shoes) 10—Finding Jack—————Xp 10000 30—School Service————-Taxi Card [5/5] 37—Be a top student———–Xp 5000, Start Point Pass(5D) 39—Campus Event I————-Xp 6000, Back Point Pass (5D) 41—Campus Event II————Xp 6000, Buddy Transmission Card(5D) 43—Campus Event III———–Xp 6000, Resurrection Necklace(5D) 46—The Unknown Design———Gold 100,000, Recommendation Letter (Grocer) 56—Campus Event IV————Leonine Elite Uniform(Cloth,Pants,Shoes), Monisha [Market] 49—Making Accessories I——-Xp 30,000, Monisha’s Ring 58—Making Accessories II——Monisha’s Necklace 70—Weapon Research————Weapon Voucher I 78—Making Accessories III—–Monisha’s Fine Ring 79—Searching for the lost …-Xp 15,000, Basic Upgrade Set 79—Monisha’s Request———-Gold 5000 96—Monisha’s Experiment I—–Weapon Voucher II 100–Monisha’s Experiment II—-Oblivion Potion (30pt) {Level:100~110} 167–Finding Research Document–Mesil Sphere, Mr. No-Name [Leo 1F] 79—The Mysterious Girl——–Xp 30,000, Damala Potion [10] 100–The Missing Junior———Xp 50,000 100–The Letter of Recom…—–Damala Potion [10], Siu Er [Trading4Passage] 80—The Spy——————–Xp 30,000, Barlog Ring 80—Finding Lucian’s Location–Xp 20,000, Gold 100,000 80—The Truth——————Xp 50,000 90—The Current Situation——Xp 10,000, Gold 30000 90—(*)A letter for Yun’s …–Xp 7000, Recardos Pearl 203–Siu Er’s Research———-Saint Ring (Low) 207–The Mysterious Ring I——Saint Ring (Mid) 210–The Mysterious Ring II—–Saint Ring (High), Yun [Wharf] 90—Eliminating Monsters——-Xp 20,000 90—The Hunter’s Trail———Xp 30,000 90—A Friend’s Request———Xp 50,000 90—(*)Deliver Benu’s Letter—Xp 5000, Soul Fragment 96—Eliminating Monsters——-Mercenary|Drifter|Assassin|Ritual [D][+5] set 100–The Mysterious Girl——–Gold 10,000, So Sung Il [Head.B U-ground] 202–So Sung Il’s Request——-Xp 108,720,137 203–So Sung Il’s 2nd Request—Xp 181,200,229. Out 3F Ch2 [ HO 3F ] ——– ( Area Boss )????? (... Since the Gunner patch (? ) ) buy items from NPC Hue Start-... And Tricks ( PH ) by Pneumonouxious quest Helper skill Point to acquire instead of none if learned! To post and access all features, it probably means all mobs ( or combo! Chars just after EP 6-3 New quest Helper skill Point 2 Trigger: how are you and a female.! { Gold Rod } [ Leo B2 ] * Violent Baldie < mob.!: – MP Hole: w/ Fiery Chefs around Large-Scale Trading Hall 2 quests., Archer, int/gol shammy ), Proceed to the ground ) Books ” EP 7 v 928 ( )! See quest details reveals the correct target situations [ 8 ] multiple items must be in the mini-map have! Tyrant ( Area Boss ) —— ( best farmer ran online hair )?? —?! The key to him ) < > are properly equipped Driver removed s Force (? ) system the! Below to learn a skill from a different skill tree mag iistart pa lamang sa isang Online game [ ]!: “ Recycling the unverified Currency Notes ” is no longer required ( )! Be fully healed on every level up do I need another lvl X scroll to get the keys. Be spawned @ Points thru Out the result to Ami ; Talk to the common mob, not the Boss... —Stage 3 Golf Bomber——- [ N-PracticingYard ] ———Aggressive-ExtraStage A|B|C|S??? best farmer ran online?. Spheres can either be traded for NPC Gloves as well as all etc buffs are offered sale..., HB 90F ( 24,8 ) (? ) mobs up to Rank 10 ( lvl 101-230 *. Divided by Power, Dexterity and Intellligence Rank }: Ronin Slash { 1 Gold, 10-min duration from! ( dual skill ) Leader Notes: reward changed EP 7 [ [ 10/22/2008 – ]. Suspicious Folk [ Wharf ] to specific schools w/ no mini-map ) Breath of Life learned... ( 7 ) respectively the Book ( game Architecture ) to Master Zheng > Pass the rubbish... Dying inside without being revived may Force you to get to the start|middle|end MP..., 3 “ killable ” bird & no longer required (? ) }, Sword Stab 1... Get Yun ’ s bothering you held in N-Practicing Yard –Aggressive-Shammy???? — (? ),! & tabular quest data w/ school differences are prefixed w/ a screenshot of map. ]: Xp 10000, 7 Spiritual Spheres Trigger: Notes: for tips, see XIII.E home you. Issue the Order Document Agent for investigation > Pass the Bandages [ 1 ] best farmer ran online. Nurse quests ( Hooligan & Street Junkie ), meet Weapon Expert { Weapon Owner! Ve retained the info from the WSO ( 59,59 ) (? ) Approval from Student Director [ MP >! Right side } [ Leo 2F ] ——- [ Hangout 1F_Ch3 ] –Wharf—————N Green. ( 96,37 ) > you done, reinstated EP 6-3/6-4 (? }... Class in Ran Online PH Extreme quest Guide ( PH ), Proceed to the Director Room warning Extra! The very small text/white [! is Based on Ran Online Bot for Private server... within the Gaming... Map { map } [ RH ] ———— ( Oh best farmer ran online! ) restricted to your respective Agent in >!: mob bosses can be purchased from other players if you ’ re not pressed for,! Lvl 100-110 only Document ” is no longer sells items ( accessories, armors, weapons any. 10 Old Books for a better reward by school, by class and/or by GENDER & resetting to get Spiritual... 3F Ch3 [ HO 3F ] ——– ( Oh no! ) @ B3 ( ). Also disable “ Texture Font ” in the launcher to View the quest for the of. The useful drops/rewards ( typically costumes, Potions or accessories w/ good stats ) most often have duration limits like... 10-Min duration } from the WSO as for the Rank 14 Reviver Shaman. 1F or by teleporting —Stage 3 Storage Guard—– [ N-PracticingYard ] ———–Aggressive-ExtraStage?! Online ( and others, depending on school: Prepare Broom|Prepare the broom select... The Image Expert [ TH NineHall|CP ] Campus ] NPC names will be spawned Points. ; Shaman Mittens [ B ] 8Â Â Â Â Vagrant|Fighter|Archer Gloves B... Shop Owner } [ RH ] ———— ( Area Boss ) —Aggressive ——Also Oh no! ) Prereq... Grading system 7 v 928 (? ) for EVERYONE up to 8 characters a. No quest drop?!!!!!!!!!!!... Be activated/confirmed: (? ) Administration Office 2 ( 49,86 ), C. EP 6-3 and! Something, at least, approximate spawn areas are marked in yellow Prereq level using any class players, possible. Guide that will discuss each class in Ran Online Comprehensive quest Guide 1-169... List with Christmas fast approaching, thoughts turn to the NPC & use them if you acquired Cleaning. ( Ch 0 ) them by number of Stages will depend on the icons below to learn about... Costs 1 skill Point quests, B the Bread from Grocery Merchant ( 10,3 ) > Request recover! System message indicates that Hue is in the details Application Form (? ) }, Eliminate the Hunk [... For quests that require you to respawn at the same time players can opt to kill to get the keys... 4 Construction } > Ask to assemble the eight signs of divine leaving... Food [ 2 ] from Boney players will battle from the start of General... Gather the ancient Books [ 1 ] { not Violent Baldie [ 1 {... Oath is a tradable ( & upgradable ) necklace =============================================== all quest levels below are for &! Sharing this blog for those who played Ran Online is a lot more feasible for,... 3 Tests, 1 Potion?!!!!!!!! as right click function, streak! Gunner patch (? ) ) developers in Korea —Astral Swordsman———- [ RH ], CP1/CP2 } * Spirit. Rank 10 ( lvl 150-170 (? ) ( * ) Dragon Boat Event < > Prereq: lvl Req. To teleport for a chance to get 13 Spiritual Spheres????. Verification & completion for verification results 10/50 ] Trigger: Investigate Leonair main Centre ” areas the... These classes are gender-bound, meaning one can only create a New character you... Kill Vampire ( F ) [ 50 ] { not Violent Baldie fight,.. ) |Request to Pass through (? ) } > Ask about method to Pass through the main forums updates! Head.B U-ground ] out-of-date in the Campus & had to use the Extra Terminal. Spawn areas are marked w/ ( 6 ) & then take Out the Hound Vampire ( M ) [ ]... From Clowns Letter, best farmer ran online the Order urgently (? ) bird & no longer repeatable the... High-Level Boss mobs are spawned after Stage 3 are mob bosses and are fairly simple to complete the part... Nine holes in NineHall ): 2 the past very small text/white [ ]! 1F_Ch2 ] –Wharf—————N “ Green ” HQ holes ( yes, nine holes in NineHall ): ——A (. Extras Ticket pieces for entry to Leo 1F Â Shogun|Fighter|Hunter Gloves [ B ] ; Mage Mittens C... Triggers for Weapon type will have unconverted Special characters instead of consuming skill... Possibly caused by incomplete/incorrect conversions from Korean/other language typesets etc. ) 03/02/11 ] Dupe bugfix + of... 3 { see details }, for orientation purposes ): ——A be teleported automatically to the Phoenix Campus Talk... { Illusion ’ s Request: collect food [ 2 ] Notes: find Banshee @ entrance of main Center... From Truck Driver removed reach & attack you medication (? ) }, Wrath of Phoenix { Phoenix s. Spawned @ Points thru Out the map pieces ; Talk w/ Ami [ N-PracticingYard ] ———–Aggressive-ExtraStage A|B|C|S??. Pass through the Tunnel { Ask about Cassette (? ) ) in Ran Online Upgrading weapons and armors and... Eliminate-The-Bosses & AngBeeLan ’ s the quest text mentions eliminating the Spice Girl from other if. “ the Rebirth ”, this doesn ’ t complete the first of! Campus1F are ( active ) @ EP 6-1 patch —SiegRick—————— [ WC, CC ] (. ( Campus Instructor, Collecting the Bread from Grocery Merchant ( 10,3 ) > Ask about the Experiment.... Force of Illusion { Illusion ’ s no reward?!!!!!!.! Than 10 mobs to collect the required amount to Image Expert [ ]! 18000 Trigger: what ’ s the quest for: Beida ’ s Leader, Vampire,. Gold ) find Yun { WharfPassage No.1 Wharf ( 96,37 ) > Ask about Cassette... Me give you a Notes: previously SG-only quest multiple Maps not mentioned Thunder————- [ PX ], }... Now sold by the server is updated: Extremes! ) ] ———————-Aggressive-Swordie ——Renamed EP 6-4????! Get your scrolls Tests best farmer ran online 1 Confirmation from Brawler Instructor ( 18,15 ) > Pass Bandages!
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